Lower-truss lattice steel bridge

Valdaora (BZ)

Replacement’s works on the Fortezza – San Candido railway-line in Valdaora (BZ)
Steel structure bridge at km 45+015

Weight: 200 t


Flaubert ‘s bridge

Rouen (FR)

Construction of Flaubert ‘s bridge accesses, on the left bank of the Seine, at Rouen in Upper Normandy

Weight: 2.300 t


Thermal power plant

Tavazzano Montanaso (LO)

Construction of a thermoelectric power plant in Tavazzano Montanaso (LO)

Weight: 3.000 t


Arc bridges

Egna - Bolzano

Re-make of both the high-way over-pass arc bridge n. 27 N. 27 “SC. Egna” and the metal arc bridge over the Adige River within the Egna Township – Bolzano

Weight: 1.300 t