Enlargement of Industrial Plant

Zona Industriale Rivoli di Osoppo (UD)

(Italiano) Strutture per il nuovo magazzino automatico da/verso linee di produzione e strutture per impianto di estrazione e miscelazione

Weight: 420 t


Steel structures for racks and accessory structures for the Plaxil plant 8

Osoppo (UD)

Supply and assembly of steel structures for the new production facility

Weight: 550 t


Extension of steelworks building

Camin - Padova

Extension of steelworks building in Camin (Padova). Supply of about 1.200 ton of hot dip galvanized steel structures for a 9.000 m. total covered surface. The supply includes columns and electro-welded beams for crane-ways, shore beams, bolted lattice trusses, HE profiles for K-shaped bracings and folded steel sheets purlins.

Weight: 1200 t


New Power Plant in Sesto al Reghena

Sesto al Reghena (PN)

New Power Plant Sesto al Reghena (PN)

Weight: 300 t


Various building on S. Nicolò’s Island


Building on S. Nicolò’s Island – MOSE (Venice)

Weight: 500 t